Here’s a question: Would you endure a few days of pain from a sunburn if it left you a little darker? Comment yes or no!




With lots going on in the sporting world and on Sydney’s social scene, I’m wondering, has anyone woken up on this lovely Monday looking like this as the result of a botch spray tan job from the weekend past?? I’m feeling healthy, fresh, and ready to take on the week after making sure I lathered up on the suncream while enjoying the warm weather out on the beach these last few days 🙂


Although it’s more along the line of ‘lighthearted news’, this article from the US certainly highlights some of the lesser known dangers of tanning – now, I’m not saying that spray tans will make you go on a naked rampage but……..


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“While tanning oils themselves aren’t harmful to the human body, it’s what they are used for that can cause some serious problems.” –

On this 32 degree day I’m sitting in the shade on the steps along the beach at Manly, watching scores of people rubbing tanning oil onto their skin to ‘help’ them tan. Isn’t it scary that it’s exactly the same thing your mum does to the roast chicken or turkey to achieve that tough, brown skin? And indeed, tough brown skin is what you’ll get after prolonged use of tanning aids such as oils and sun beds. Aside from the serious health risks such as cancer, which I have already extensively outlined, there are some real aesthetic downsides to it too. While a tan might make you look good temporarily, the look of them barely lasts beyond Autumn, but I can guarantee the effects do:

“In addition to the risk of skin cancer, tanning excessively contributes to ageing quickly. Tans may cover cellulite and give the appearance of clear skin; however, the skin actually looks worse once the tan fades. Premature wrinkling is an enormous side of effect of tanning.” –

With all the horrendous side effects associated with trying to achieve a natural tan, it’s any wonder why people are still resorting to such lengths. And according to recent reports, the health effects of fake tans look to be just as serious. By definition, fake tan is “[a] lotions, sprays, creams, mousses and combined moisturiser and fake tan products contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a chemical or vegetable dye that temporarily stains the skin, giving a tanned appearance. The dye interacts and binds with the dead skin cells located in the upper layer of the skin. The colour comes off when the dead skin cells flake off – approximately 1 week after application.”
They contain a range of different chemicals like carcinogens, nano particles and DHA, some of which have been linked with contributing to serious health issues including hormone disruptions leading to birth defects, infertility and breast cancer, genetic mutation, DNA damage, and irritation of the skin and lungs. While some of these chemicals like nano particles do have some other useful functions, scientists’ lack of knowledge on the behaviour of these particles on a small scale means we should be very cautious as consumers.

Secondly, as Australia’s Cancer Council points out in its ‘Position Statement‘ for fake tan, there seems to be a misconception that fake tan acts to provide UV protection for our skin for the duration of the ‘tan’:

“Some people who use fake tans mistakenly believe that a tan will provide them with protection against UV radiation. As a result, they may not take sun protection measures, putting them at greater risk of skin cancer.” –

While it is undeniably more beneficial (health wise) for the tan-obsessed to use any number of alternative skin products that achieve a bronzed look in a much safer way, the sheer volume of these products available indicates the real underlying societal issue – that people need to be tanned, no matter what. Indeed, the Cancer Council’s number one recommendation in relation to fake tan is:

  1. “Cancer Council does not promote the perception that tanned skin is more desirable than pale skin”

Whether its real tan or fake tan, you’ll likely end up either with health problems and wrinkles or streaky orange legs that smell a little like urine. There are plenty of skin products available in supermarkets and at beauty stores that are designed to moisturise and enrich our natural skin, giving it a healthy glow no matter what colour. A few of my favourites include:

  • Palmers Olive Butter lotion:
  • L’Occitane Verbena Harvest body lotion:–body—hair/verbena-harvest-body-lotion-250ml
  • Kiehl’s Creme De Corps:

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Some fun tips to enjoy Sydney’s sunny spring!

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With temperatures set to climb in Sydney during the week, it is important that we all stay sun smart and protect our skin. But there are still heaps of ways to enjoy the outdoors and get a bit of Vitamin D! Here are some cheap, easy and awesome outdoor activities for all you sun-lovers can try that will get you out and about without seeing you all fry yourselves for that tan!

1. Go kayaking or paddle boarding: When the wind is right and the sun is bright, there really is nothing better than a morning kayak or paddle board around Sydney’s spectacular harbour. Head down to Manly Wharf to hire one out for the hour at the bargain price of $20! I promise you won’t regret getting up just that little bit earlier to be out on the water taking in the picture perfect views.

2. Dine in at Opera Bar: I don’t think anyone could argue that Sydney’s Opera Bar is one of the ultimate places for a relaxing drink and snack with undoubtedly the best view in the world. Nestled right under the Opera House itself, Opera Bar offers a range of drink and food options for prices that wont break the bank. With plenty of shaded seating available, there is no better place to settle in for an afternoon with friends or family.

3. Pat a kangaroo at Taronga Zoo: No other animals in the world are treated to the same views on offer to the creatures at Taronga Zoo. Located on the water’s edge in Mosman, Taronga Zoo offers endless fun for adults and children alike. With daily animal shows and interactive learning, the open plan zoo is a fantastic place to stroll around on a sunny day – you can even rest your feet and take a ride on the gondola! So pop on down and get acquainted with some of the coolest animals that walk the earth!

4. The Bondi to Coogee coastal walk: An all-time favourite past time of those who love the beach and don’t mind pounding the pavement for their daily dose of outdoors and exercise. The best part is (other than it not costing a cent) is you can jump in the surf to cool off at the end – there’s plenty of gorgeous swimming spots to choose from. So pack your swimmers, trainers, hats and suncream and get on down to Bondi!