“Spring is here! Don’t forget, even if its not hot, if the UV level is 3 or above, you need to slip, slop, slap, seek and slide!”

An awesome tip from Cancer Council Australia – Many people take note of the time of day where the UV is highest in order to maximise the colour they gain to their skin when lying outside. Instead, plan activities where you can enjoy the weather without exposing yourself to the harm of the sun. Anything from lunching at an outdoor restaurant, to climbing the Harbour Bridge! Resist those wrinkles youngsters, there’s way cooler things to do than tan that wont leave you rottenly raisin-ed by 30!

A perfect tip on this sweltering day!


2 thoughts on “UV RAYS

  1. It’s so hot! Half our team is at work, the other at Uni so we’re lucky we’re in the Air Con! It’s sad that this kind of prickling heat affects so many underprivileged people in India that don’t know, and honestly cannot, stay sun safe and that’s who we try to help!
    Thank you for this tip, sometimes we forget how much the Sun can affect us (even for a short time) and how important it is to not be exposed!

  2. Good point, lots of people can’t afford to protect their skin as well as most of us can. However, those in Western societies are predominantly fairer skinned so are more likely to be affected by the sun’s harmful rays. Even more importantly, it is in these cultures that tanning is a social trend, unlike in places such as India and Africa where skin tones are commonly much darker. Sun protection is important for everyone, but tanning is something that shouldn’t be seen as beautiful. Everyone’s skin is unique, beautiful, and should be valued and protected 🙂

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